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L’Odyssée est une création de Jean Voguet [musique] et de Philippe Boisnard [video générative >> pure data]

The odyssey is a multimodal work. The version presented in this file combines two creators Jean Voguet and Philippe Boisnard, the one musician, the other digital creator and poet. A creation gathering two other participants builds itself at the same time: the one creator of animated painting; Soazic Guézennec, the other a dancer: Estelle de Montalembert.
The here presented version, is a work of relation between video and music from an interface of connection programmed with pure-data.
The title, Odyssey, intuitively suggests that inaugurated by Homer, who haunted the west literary and this until Joyce, then philosophically with thinkers such as Adorno and Derrida. This creation is not at all a stake in space of Ulysses adventure, but feeding on the bottom idea of the quest of identity, it tries to make material and sensory this central question asked by Homer.
The Odyssey asks the question of the identity of a man through a circular course: a circumnavigation punctuated with stations, with places appropriate for any transformation.
It is exactly this angle, which pursues the proposed creation. It reinvests the question of identity but through the medium of electro acoustic music as well as visual and poetic possibilities connected in generated 3d real time. The circular story which is presented, is not at all a representation of Homer Odyssey, but a sensory realization of what it questions: a kind of wandering where stations, the suspensions condense as a place of sound and visual transformations. It is indeed about a story, among which the elements of the narrative, the connections, are not any more registered via language, even if in fragment the language seems as a sketch of the indications of Homers work, but with different medias. This work tries to present concretely this quest. The sound and image, by their adventures, are the places of this presentation.
The Odyssey is a wandering transposed into a virtual cartography by immersing itself in a particular progress, allowed by current technological meshings.
The artists interact « real time » according to each ones creation at that moment. The work is never set because it builds itself on spontaneous and unpredictable links.
The Odyssey is an immersive work in which the public defines their own course, allowed by sound, visual and textual stations, circulating in a sensory magma.
From spectator he becomes an actor moving in sensory magmas.
In the Odyssey, the public lives an initiatory experience appropriate for any wandering: the geographical journey becomes introspective, generating an imperceptible dissolution of an original identity and the construction of a new one.

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